The Jet Peel – 3 In Cosmetic Medicine And Surgery

a new drug delivery strategy for definite molecules class.

B. Palmieri1, V. Rottigni1, A. Aspiro

University of Modena, Modena, Italy


The history of needle–less injection by pressure guns is historically introduced in the clinical practice for local anesthesia. The drawback of this guns generation is a real tissue contusion and ecchimosis due to high pressure delivery.
A different approach to transepidermal delivery is an high pressure (7 atm), high speed (200 m/sec) air flow device called JetPeel, a medical instrument with different claims such as surfaceal smooth dermoabrasion, blackspots skin clearing, fine wrinkles smoothing, skin cleaning and dilated pores squeezing.

In our experience it achieves good effects either in skin disinfection, local anesthesia and molecules delivery.

In our study, we enrolled 20 subjects affected by hyperhidrosis for a treatment with botulinum. 10 patients received botulinum directly sprayed with JetPeel, while 10 patients were treated with botulinum injections after anesthesia sprayed with the device.

JetPeel TM – 3 (Tav Tech Inc., Yehud, Israel)


Anesthesia (Lidocaine) with JetPeelTM – 3 followed by botulinum injection


Botulinum delivery with JetPeelTM – 3


In both groups, the procedure was painless, since JetPeel is a not invasive device, and efficient for the treatment of excessive sweat conditions.



  • No adverse effects (oedema, subcutaneous emphysema, bruising)
  • high efficacy for hyperhidrosis treatment
  • high patient satisfaction
  • no pain during both procedures