The Benefits Of Jet Peel Technology


Dr Michael H Gold, an internationally recognised, leading Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon was recently invited by Kaya Skin Clinic to speak about the latest developments in skincare

“Jet Peel technology is the answer to the world’s need for non-invasive surgery,” says Dr Michael H Gold, as he begins to share the importance and benefits of this revolutionary technology, an interesting fact being that Jet Peel technology actually originates from the aviation principles. Dr Gold is a consultant for TavTech, the world leader and pioneer in the Jet Peel technology for aesthetic applications and skin conditions. In India the benefits of this technology come exclusively from Kaya Skin Clinic in its Aqua Radiance service.

“With Jet Peel technology, you can go 4.5mm into the skin without using a needle. That’s what makes the aqua radiance treatment so effective,” says Oren Gan, VP sales and Marketing at TavTech. “During the Aqua radiance treatment, the infusion hand piece is used to infuse glycolic acid or other drugs used to treat the person’s skin. Basically, this hand piece is able to create channels that needles can create.”

This Aqua radiance treatment is very beneficial for people with skin damage, acne and other skin problem. Depending on the intensity of your problem you could choose 6-8 treatments over 2-3 weeks, as your healthy, clear skin would emerge thereafter. A proper skin-maintenance regimen is highly beneficial thereafter with treatments in 2-3 month intervals.

“This treatment acts as a preventive measure for skin problems,” shares Dr Gold. “Fine lines on the skin, wrinkles, tanning, tired puffy eyes, pigmentation; all these are major issues that should be tackled to prevent early aging. Many Indian women suffer from these skin issues and thus will benefit a lot from this treatment.”

“In the last few years, the number of people choosing minimally invasive procedures has increased drastically. Botox, laser hair removal, chemical peels are being chosen by people for enhancing beauty. In the future, we hope to get rid of needles for minimally invasive procedures and instead use this technology, ” says Gan.