A State Of The Art Facial At Jet Concepts


By Amelia Chia | Categorized under style Rocket science and your skin? Pfft.

Ive always been slightly wary of machines when it comes to my face because while technology works wonders on other things like hair and fat removal, I believe the face needs to be treated with special care. I have recurring nightmares of a mangled mug.

Well, to all you technology-savvy gentlemen out there, heres another 21st Century wonder to add to your list. The Jet PureHyal facial is

unlike any facial Ive ever tried (and Ive been a frequent facial patron for the last seven years).

At the ultramodern Jet Concepts spa, they take a different approach to treating your skin and producing optimal results. Were used to the searing pain of extraction during normal facials and perhaps even the laser treatments at aesthetic clinics that promise to smooth out our skin. But what about something in between a two-in-one that is both a facial and a non-invasive treatment but delivers results like you just stepped out of a $600 a pop session?

The Jet PureHyal Facial

The Jet PureHyal facial The Jet PureHyal facial starts with a thorough cleansing using the Jet-M machine, which tends to your skin with better precision than human hands.

Jet-M performs four vital functions: it exfoliates, boosts lymphatic drainage, allows for effective infusion of active ingredients and provides extraction benefits, says Gladys Cheng, the founder and CEO of Jet Concepts.

Developed by a Russian rocket scientist, the machine uses supersonic pressure to deliver actives to the skin for rejuvenation, with improvements on facial wrinkles, acne scars and rough skin.

Once the dead skin cells are sloughed away and your skin is brightened and prepped, pure hyaluronic acid is infused into your skin without so much of an injection but through carefully calibrated air-jets. For those who can only link acid to the chemistry lab, hyaluronic acid is touted to be a beauty enhancer which hydrates the skin and erases fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin.

Believe me, youll be lulled to sleep during this one-hour facial. You wont feel anything more than tiny pops of air bursting on your skin, and your therapist will kindly stick earplugs in your ears to drown out the noise from the machines. After which, shell slap on a cold mask to seal the hyaluronic acid into the skin and give you a solid head and shoulder massage. I dreamt that I was lying on a beach in Bahamas, and willed her in my mind to keep going.

This is one machine that certainly did the trick and didnt leave me quivering. My skin appeared more radiant with a more even skin tone, and there was an immediate visible reduction of lines around the eye area.

Needless to say, I was an instant machine convert.

Price: $168 for a one-hour session

Location: Jet Concepts is located at #03-03 Wheelock Place or #B2-20/21 Raffles City Shopping Centre